Not feeling the love?

Are you just not feeling the love lately? Maybe you are feeling energies of loneliness, abandonment or isolation. Perhaps, you are wondering why everyone around you seems to be in love. What is their secret and what are they doing differently than you?

I can tell you that when we feel lonely and heartbroken, we are choosing to believe in the illusion of separation. Yes, it hurts when people leave our life but what hurts the most is the deep rooted belief that we are separate from our creator and his/her creations.

Cosmic Truth states that we are all one and can never not be connected. Once we realize this deep inside our heart, we are liberated into a new level of consciousness. This new consciousness will always attract new people and love into our life. This is because our energy is magnetic when we vibrate in love and wholeness.

We draw what we are into our lives so we can see ourselves in a deeper way. The universe is always reflecting what we are feeling and thinking about ourselves. The only one who is punishing you is you! The universe loves you and would never want to punish you, it simply reflects you back to you. 

Your loneliness is your emotional guidance system. It is showing you where you still truly believe you could ever be alone. When you sit with this emotion and allow it to take you to the places in your heart that need your love and attention, then soon the loneliness shall dissipate and you will be filled with an energy of wholeness.

You are whole and complete right now. You don’t need a lover to feel this way. As soon as you recognize that you are swimming in love in every moment, you will find the love your heart deeply craves.

If you want something, you automatically validate the absence of it in your life. Therefore, when we are in the energy of wanting we manifest a reality of not having. When we simply become love and exude it out into the world, it comes into our life effortlessly. This is because we become a perfect match for love to find us.

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Rumi Inspired

 A few of my favorite poems from the Rumi Daylight: A Daybook of Spiritual Guidance.

“God created pain and sorrow

That happiness might show itself by contrast.

For hidden things are made manifest

By means of their opposites

Since God has no opposite, (s)He is hidden.”


“No mirror ever became iron again;

No bread ever became wheat;

No ripened grape ever became sour fruit.

Mature yourself and be secure

From a change for the worse. Become the Light.”


“Within the human being is a jungle.

You, born of the Divine Breath, be aware.

Wolves and pigs by the thousands are withing,

The fair and the foul.

What dominates within is what you are.

If your gold outweighs your copper,

You will be known as gold. Whatever you most are

Is the form in which you will resurrect.”


“Nothing shows up false without the true

The fool took false coin

Hoping it might be gold.

If there were no genuine coin in the world,

How would it be possible to pass fakes?

Unless there is Truth,

How could there be lies?

Falsity gets its value from the existence of truth.

Some want the wrong in hope that it will be right.”


“Fools honor the mosque

Yet seek to destroy those in whose heart God lives.

That mosque is of the world of things;

This heart is real.

The true mosque is nothing but the heart of spiritual kings.

The mosque that is the inner awareness of the saints

Is the place of worship for all:

God is there.”


“Before the Infinite

All that is finite is nothingness:

Everything is passing away,

Except the face of God.”


“No one has shown the beginning or end of the Infinite.

God said, “If the sea were to become ink…”

Still God’s word could not be written out.

Through all the orchards and forests were pens,

Still we would be no closer to defining it.

Ink and pens pass away,

Yet this Infinite Word is everlasting.”

Invoking Venus to Attract Love


Have you ever worked with the planets or Goddesses in order to manifest your desires? Invoking Venus can do wonders for your love life. Venus is the planet of love and beauty. She graces anyone who calls on her with a pure heart. The Goddess of Love, Aphrodite, is closely connected to the planet Venus. She is the Goddess of sensuality, relaxation and pleasure, as well as love and beauty.

How can Venus and Aphrodite serve you in your path to manifesting love? Well, they teach you to become love. In order to attract love, we must become love first. We must make our bodies, minds and spirits a temple for love. This means, closely monitoring our thoughts, aligning with our creator (who is pure Love), doing things we love to do, and seeing love in everything and everyone.


The path of love is not always an easy one. In this 3rd dimensional world we have been programmed to believe that there is a lack of love. This is why when we are trying to manifest love we can become discouraged and doubtful. We feel that love may just never happen for us. I mean how silly is that in the big scheme of things? When we remember our infinite nature, we automatically feel inspired about creating love. 


We are infinite! Therefore, there must be infinite love available to us at all times. When we open ourselves to infinite love, rather than limited love, we are initiated into a higher consciousness. When we are in a higher state of consciousness, our vibration is naturally higher. At a higher vibration, we tend to attract love more easily and without effort. This is the magic of Aphrodite and Venus. If you can simply become love, you will never have to look for it.


If you are looking for love and having a hard time, start invoking Venus and Aphrodite. Call to them with a humble heart. Make an offering to the Goddess of love and ask her to teach you her ways. 


You already have all the love you could ever need inside of you, you simply forgot. I am here to remind you of what is already yours. Initiate yourself out of lack and scarcity, step into the abundance of love that awaits you.
If you need help healing your lack beliefs around love, I am here for you. I offer one on one coaching to help align people to the vibration of love. I have seen and witnessed so many miracles in my work, I am confident I can help you create exactly what you desire.
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You are SO loved and supported 🙂


Do you remember the future?


-This picture really wanted to be sideways. We are seeing from new angles, is it’s message 🙂

Do you remember the future? I do. How is that possible? It is possible because ALL time is happening NOW. The past, present and future all intersect in this very moment, in this very breath.

It may not seem this way, since we are existing in what appears to be linear time. However, quantum physics will tell us differently, the indigenous people will tell us differently, shamanic plants will tell us differently, the rainbow children will tell us differently, our elders will tell us differently, and our Ancient DNA will tell us differently.

I remember the future, and it is an amazing one. One where we all healed and witnessed the world back into peace with the love in our hearts. I remember a future where everyone’s heart was healed and everyone’s deepest prayers were answered. I remember a future where water was protected, where the animals were free, where the rivers flowed with the purest waters, and where the trees grew freely and abundantly. I remember a future where everyone did their part to protect and care for our sacred Earth.

I remember a future where ALL beings were happy and free. 

I remember a future where we all came together, in the name in Love. I remember a future where we finally opened to the highest technologies that allowed us to reverse the damage we created on our planet. I remember a future where all hate was collectively alchemized into love.

What do you remember? We are shifting through infinite right now. What if we all remembered how perfect the future was, and saw it into existence? Nothing is impossible, even the word says IM-POSSIBLE 🙂

What do you remember? What did you have to forget and let go of, in order to remember? I bless you, and I invite you to remember with me. Let’s remember what already happened, and how perfect it always was.

I love you!



Walking under the wings of the Goddess


Whether you have a deep relationship with the Goddess or not, I am here to remind you that your primordial mother holds you close under her wings. You are never separate from the one who created you. You have never left the womb, even though you have been birthed into a third-dimensional universe.

Do not let your physical senses mislead you darling. Instead, spend more time with your eyes closed. Spend more time exploring and being curious about what is going on inside of you.

You do not have to obsessively think positive thoughts in order to create a positive life. The positivity, light, love, and Divine spark is already inside of you. Can you be more diligent about becoming a gardener of your own consciousness. 

Care enough about your Self to weed negative thoughts and beliefs out of your Garden. It is YOUR garden so why let unworthiness, lack, scarcity, fear, pain, abandonment and darkness grow. You have the power to nullify any thought, belief or idea you may carry that no longer serves you. 

Nullifying thoughts is not done with hate, it must be done with love. One of my teachers Matt Kahn always says: “Whatever arises, love that”.

Does this mean we love the darkest thoughts and feelings we have? Yes, it does. Clearly shoving them away and cursing them doesn’t actually work. Why? Because every single part of us wants to be loved and accepted. Especially the parts of you that you think shouldn’t be there and don’t belong inside of you. We are connected to everything in this universe. That means we are responsible for it all (if we are conscious enough to realize our galactic guardianship on the Earth).

A technique that helps me dispel darkness with out being sucked into the underworld is Ho’oponopono. This is an ancient Hawaiian healing technique that was used by Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len to heal an entire ward of criminally insane patients without ever meeting them. If you find that hard to believe you simply just haven’t had enough experience with miracles. 

Miracles are naturally occurring and the Course in Miracles says when they don’t occur, something has gone wrong. The realm of miracles is our natural state of being and Ho’oponopono allows us to return and connect to that realm with these four simples statements. 

I am sorry

Please forgive me

Thank you

I love you

That is all you do. Simply say those four statements to the Divine over and over again. Whatever darkness, scenario, or problem you may be praying about, Ho’oponopono shall address it. This is because no miracle can occur without the help of the Divine. Everything is held under the wings of the Goddess.

For me, this technique brings me back to the womb of Kali. Your darkest fears are not separate from Her. You are safe, always. Jesus was more peaceful being nailed to a cross than most of us are walking down the road. This is because he never left the womb of his creator. 

When we open our hearts, surrender and pray, miracles truly occur. The miracle that first occurs is our change in consciousness. The miracle may not result in your external circumstances changing right away.  However, you will know it has occurred as your state of mind will reflect a higher consciousness. 

Joe Vitale has a great article about his first hand experience with Dr. Len. “Dr. Len explained that total responsibility for your life means that everything in your life – simply because it is in your life – is your responsibility. In a literal sense the entire world is your creation.“  –Click here to learn about the magic of Ho’oponopono

Your state of being is being reflected in the outside world. If you do not like what you see please give Ho’oponopono a try. You may be amazed at how fast things can shift, inside and out. 

We can live anywhere we choose on the infinite spectrum of consciousness. Where are you choosing to live and why? You have the power to shift to anywhere that resonates with you. Give yourself the gift of choosing what feels best to you.

You were born free, perfect and worthy. Your journey of returning to what you already are is yours. Honor it. Take it seriously. Allow yourself to feel all that you came here to feel. Do not run away from yourself. Become your greatest lover, friend, fan, and cheerleader. You came to Earth for you. To learn all about YOU and your infinite nature. 

I see you and I am humbled by your greatness <3



The medicine of the Dark Goddess


Sometimes it feels like life just won’t give us a break. That it just keeps coming at us with unexpected circumstances simply so we can break open, get on our knees, and learn to surrender to a higher power.

The Goddess of Death has come to visit me many times these past two years. I have lost so many beautiful people either do to suicide, overdose, freak accidents and old age. I have learned through these experiences that death is nothing but beautiful, no matter what the cause. It is beautiful because it frees us from the illusions of this third dimensional world. Death is a worm hole to Truth, if you are looking with the correct lens.

Death allows us to open ourselves up to the mystery. It takes us straight to Kali-Ma, our primordial mother’s womb. It allows to humble our hearts and realize that there is a higher power in the universe that is in control of all things.

Death has taught me that we can cling to nothing, especially people. Death has taught me that the people who can’t handle the depth of the Dark Goddess shall leave your life and it is best to simply release them with out a fight. Death covers you in soul scars. These are scars no one can see but everyone can feel when they look into your eyes.

Death has been the most humbling thing in my life and I am just now learning to surrender to all the blessings it has been trying to bring me. Kali only claims you as her own if she knows you have the courage to harness the light of the Goddess in a world ruled by maya, meaning illusion. 

We all have the power to walk in the darkness of Kali’s womb but few have the courage. Disrespect the Goddess in her grief and she is sure to cut your head off. She will humble you to your knees and ask that you give her everything you have in order for death and birth to alchemize the darkness of your heart into the most radiant light.

The blessings in death are transformation and remembrance. As we die, we are born. With every breath we take, we allow a new version of us to emerge.

Death has taught me that the past is done and the present and future are where our minds should be focused. Death has taught me that certain friends and lovers can’t hang with the amount of grief you carry, and that is okay. Those are not the people you want to be around anyways. Death will take you to the people who have the same scars, who walk this Earth as deeply as you do, who honor and recognize that pain has brought about all this love, and can hold a solid space for you to simply just be with the Dark Goddess.

Many are scared of this path. People who work with the Dark Goddess carry the medicine of the raven. These are the ones who are messengers from the spirit world. These are the ones who don’t get lost in the lovey lovey, unicorn, and forever rainbows vibes. They can play there sometimes (when the time is right) but the Dark Goddess shall always bring them back into balance with the grief in their hearts.

Do you carry raven medicine? Do you walk on the edge of darkness? Then I am here to remind you that you are beautiful. You are doing powerful work on this planet that many others shy away from. Keep going, it is a long and rewarding journey.

If you are brave enough to enter Kali’s womb, you will be given all the remembrances you need to weave sacred magic into this world. We are writing a new story for Earth. Are you brave enough to walk into the darkness of your soul to emerge as the beautiful Phoenix?

Your pain is beautiful. Your darkness is simply light waiting to be recognized. You are stronger than you know and more loved that you know.



Build the Queendom and they will come

Today I was so inspired to make a video about how important it is that we focus on building our Kingdom and Queendom within, before we focus on manifesting desire outside.


(Click here on on the image above to play full video)

What is the Queendom or Kingdom? It is the place where you are one with the highest power of the universe (one with whatever you choose to call God). It is a place where you dedicate all of yourself to the service of the highest. Where you finally becoming so intoxicated from Divine nectar that you simply desire nothing else than to give back to life. Where your number one priority is contributing beauty, love, healing, wisdom, light and magic to this beautiful Earth.

The Kingdom is always there but one must dedicate time, space, energy and love to awaken it within. You must make sacrifices in the name of love to become a living embodiment of the Divine. When we build our Kingdom we make a choice to live 100% from our hearts, no matter what.

If you want that awakening, soulmate, adventure, lifestyle, bank account, family, etc. it starts and ends with you. If you commit to becoming everything you think you want, then it shall come to you. This old school way of trying to attract things into our lives is silly and it is time to get real with ourselves. We need to stop asking and simply become.

When you need nothing, you attract everything. An energy of having attracts the experience of having. An energy of wanting attracts more experiences of wanting. Become a person who has everything inside of their heart. Quit wanting things to change and become the change you want to see, now.

Not only is becoming a channel for love to pour through you going to saturate every cell in your body with the highest love possible, it is going to effortlessly bring you everything you could ever desire in the most graceful and magical way.

The time to take our power back is now. The time to show up, wake up and rise up is now. You have always been here, seated in the highest spiritual remembrance. Yet, you simply have chosen to not see it. You chose to experience yourself as much less than you truly are. Why? It doesn’t matter why, all that matters is that in this moment you realize you have the power to choose again.

If I can do it so can you. I have learned to build my Queendom through death, grief, loss, abuse, pain, and abandonment. I now have learned to alchemize the pain of my past to now fuel a life of pleasure, oneness, connection, love, purpose, commitment, and devotion.

If you feel you are being called to step into your spiritual greatness, I would be honored to assist you in your remembrance of your purpose here on Earth. Please go to to see more about my work.

You are worthy!

Crazy, or not?


I use the word crazy a lot and I was curious to what the dictionary definition of crazy actually was. Here is what I found from The Free Dictionary:





a. Mentally deranged.
b. InformalOdd or eccentric in behavior.

2. InformalDeparting from proportion or moderation, especially:

a. Possessed by enthusiasm or excitement: The crowd at the game went crazy.
b. Immoderately fond; infatuated: was crazy about boys.
c. Intensely involved or preoccupied: is crazy about cars and racing.
d. Foolish or impractical; senseless: crazy scheme for making quick money.
e. Intensely annoyed or irritated: It makes me crazy when you don’t tell me you’re going to be late.
3. Disorderly or askew: One of the old window shutters hung at a crazy angle.
 Some of the defintions made crazy seem like a positive thing and others made crazy seem very negative. Do you consider yourself crazy and if so are you the positive or the negative kind? It seems as if everyone knows they are a tad crazy, right?
I think we may need to update these definitions and turn crazy into a more positive word. I feel that example a. mentally deranged- should be taken out entirely. Here would be a few of my own definitions that would allow crazy to shine a little bit more:



a.) Someone who is so passionate about life they can’t stop shouting out how magical everything is all the time
b.) Someone who sees so much beauty in the world they can hardly walk down the street without crying
c.)Someone who knows alien exists and is waiting for everyone else to wake up
d.)Intensely inspired, creative and focused action
e.) A person who believe in unicorns  and mermaids. 
These were just a few fun ones I could come up with. I would love it if I met lots of crazy people who embodied these new definitions. In fact, I do know a handful already 😉
I associate the word crazy with free. When we usually say someone is crazy, they are usually just expressing themselves in a way in which we wouldn’t. People who hurt themselves and others are not crazy, they are mentally ill.
Crazy is freedom. Crazy is not giving a fuck. Crazy is a blessing. Crazy is authenticity without the shame.
So go ahead. Don’t be scared. Let yourself go a little (or all the way) crazy. You just might fall in love with all of you 😉

Feel Good Now!


What are you waiting for in order to feel good? Is it more money, a lover, a new career , or an entirely new life? 😉

I am here to help you stop playing the waiting game. When we wait, we tell the universe to keep delaying our desires until we are ready. Therefore, whatever we are waiting for seems to never appear. If you want to become a wizard at reality, stop waiting and feel good now. Start planting seeds all day and trust in the germination process.

You do not need a reason to feel good. The fact that you are alive is enough of a reason. Can you feel good as you go through a divorce, a lawsuit, or a breakup? Of course you can! It is only your conditioning that tells you otherwise. The truth is you can feel good even when you are going though shitty experiences. In fact, it is the feel good mindset that will get your though those shitty experiences and ensure a magical outcome.

Your external circumstances do not have control over your state of being. In fact, the opposite is true. Your state of being actually has vibrational control over your  circumstances.

Start celebrating everything, especially your failures. If you can celebrate how wrong you have been doing things, then you are surely to shift into a lighter vibration and start doing things right!

Start making it a priority to feel light in your body and in your reality. Lightness allows things to flow to you effortlessly. When we feel heavy, magic tries to come to us but there is  too much in its way and we tend not to see it. Feel good now, and watch your life shift faster than you ever could believe.

Stop creating story out of synchronicities…


Does it seem like all of the sudden your entire life is a series of synchronicites? Great, that means you are waking up, you are in alignment with the universe, and you are exactly where you need to be.

Synchronicities are great reminders for us to stay present, feel gratitude for life, and let go of anything that isn’t serving us in the present moment.

What has helped me along my journey is to stop prescribing story, meaning, and purpose to the magical totems that show up in my life. It is a silly thing to do because we have limited minds and the signs we see are coming from an infinite-unlimited universe.

I used to think when things  were magically synchronistic  it meant something was going to happen in the way in which I visualized it to be. I thought this because I put story behind the series of events that were unfolding.

It is a very powerful lesson to let go of what you think things mean and allow life to unfold as it will. This keeps you humble, grateful, present and trusting to what is trying to manifest. Of course you can hold an energy of positive expectation and vision, just make sure to leave enough space for life to do its thing without you feeling disappointed if it comes differently than you imagined.

When we create story and overanalyze the universe we just end up blocking the powerful manifestations that are trying to come to us. So let a 4:44 be a 4:44 -and let everything else be a kiss from the cosmos. Everything is manifesting perfectly, don’t get in way 😉

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