Build the Queendom and they will come

Today I was so inspired to make a video about how important it is that we focus on building our Kingdom and Queendom within, before we focus on manifesting desire outside.


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What is the Queendom or Kingdom? It is the place where you are one with the highest power of the universe (one with whatever you choose to call God). It is a place where you dedicate all of yourself to the service of the highest. Where you finally becoming so intoxicated from Divine nectar that you simply desire nothing else than to give back to life. Where your number one priority is contributing beauty, love, healing, wisdom, light and magic to this beautiful Earth.

The Kingdom is always there but one must dedicate time, space, energy and love to awaken it within. You must make sacrifices in the name of love to become a living embodiment of the Divine. When we build our Kingdom we make a choice to live 100% from our hearts, no matter what.

If you want that awakening, soulmate, adventure, lifestyle, bank account, family, etc. it starts and ends with you. If you commit to becoming everything you think you want, then it shall come to you. This old school way of trying to attract things into our lives is silly and it is time to get real with ourselves. We need to stop asking and simply become.

When you need nothing, you attract everything. An energy of having attracts the experience of having. An energy of wanting attracts more experiences of wanting. Become a person who has everything inside of their heart. Quit wanting things to change and become the change you want to see, now.

Not only is becoming a channel for love to pour through you going to saturate every cell in your body with the highest love possible, it is going to effortlessly bring you everything you could ever desire in the most graceful and magical way.

The time to take our power back is now. The time to show up, wake up and rise up is now. You have always been here, seated in the highest spiritual remembrance. Yet, you simply have chosen to not see it. You chose to experience yourself as much less than you truly are. Why? It doesn’t matter why, all that matters is that in this moment you realize you have the power to choose again.

If I can do it so can you. I have learned to build my Queendom through death, grief, loss, abuse, pain, and abandonment. I now have learned to alchemize the pain of my past to now fuel a life of pleasure, oneness, connection, love, purpose, commitment, and devotion.

If you feel you are being called to step into your spiritual greatness, I would be honored to assist you in your remembrance of your purpose here on Earth. Please go to to see more about my work.

You are worthy!

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