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You are not a stranger here…


“You yourself are the eternal energy which appears as this Universe. You didn’t come into this world. You came out of it. Like a wave from the ocean”- Alan Watts


Once you remember where you came from, you remember what you are capable of. You have the power of creation at your fingers tips. Don’t throw it away with negative thinking and feeling. Channel your true essence and create exactly what you truly desire. Believe in yourself because you are beyond sacred. You are the Universe in form. Don’t forget what an incredible opportunity it is to be alive in a human body. Express yourself fully, do what makes you feel alive, and give thanks because life is magical and so are you. :):)

Change your destiny…

neville quote


“A change in feeling is a change in destiny”


Quote by the famous Neville Goddard; and it couldn’t have more truth. Your feelings dictate your destiny. Start to consciously think, feel and speak as if you are exactly where you would like to be in life. Visualize exactly what you desire and feel how it would feel if you had what you desire right now. By taking control of your state of mind, thoughts, and emotions you are literally writing your future.  You have nothing to lose 😉

Cosmic Word Game


Life is a cosmic word game. Are you going to play or get played? If we really are creating and attracting everything into our own holographic personal universes then why not start consciously participating?

You are actually already a master creator. You know all those things you think about that you don’t want; they have manifested in your life because you put energy into thinking about them. Start to focus your mind, thoughts and feelings on what serves you and your happiness. What thoughts make you feel good when you think them? Then from that place start focusing on what you do desire to create. Oh, and be grateful for all you do have in the meantime because you are really blessed! I mean it is so simple it is scary.

Start to open your mind and align your own heart to the heartbeat of the Universe. Then everything will start to flow with grace and ease as it is supposed to. I am not saying life will be perfect, but you will start to see the perfection in every situation. Once you stop going against the flow of the Universe then abundance, success, love, happiness, and joy are easy to attain. They are easy to attain because that is our natural state of existence.  We are just too busy focusing on what we do not want to notice what is actually already here. If you can attain these states in your mind and radiate them in your entire being, eventually it will become your reality.

Worry and fear only attract more worry and fear. Focus on feeling secure and abundant and you will attract more of that. Also, do not forget to play! Remember how powerful you really are and use your words, thoughts and feelings wisley. The universe is begging for us to play with it but we are too distracted by things that we don’t want to relax and start playing back! The more we play, the faster things happen for us. The more we relax and give thanks, the more doors open up for us to walk through. So go ahead and give it a whirl? What do you have to lose besides everything that you don’t want? Have fun 😉

How to make rejection sexy


“Never love anybody who treats you like you are ordinary” Oscar Wilde

No doubt about it, rejection is the worst feeling in the entire universe. However, since I am a positive-spirit-bliss-junkie at my core, I always try to dig deep and find the positivity and soul lessons in every situation. In regards to rejection from someone you love, the positive outcome I have learned is humblesness and the ability to raise your standards.

If you are going through rejection it is a perfect time to RAISE YOUR STANDARDS.

Why? Because somebody with high standards in love and life would only allow divine love from someone who wants to be with you as badly as you want to be with them. You deserve to be met in love, cherished, and held onto. If someone can let you go and risk losing you into a world of 7 billion people then  now is the time to raise your standards. Raise the bar. You seriously deserve the world and your perfect vibrational match, not someone who can live with out you.

You are worth the highest form of love you could ever imagine. If you have trouble excepting that thought then you need to take this time to work on your self worth and value. (And by work I really just mean drop all the false beliefs about yourself, as you are a perfect extension of source energy right now). Also people with high standards are fucking sexy. Period. They know what they are worth and they never settle. Be one of those people. 

Use rejection as fuel to catapult yourself into a whole new world of higher standards. Start making your shoulds a must. Raise your standards in work, fitness, friendship, spirituality and start creating your next relationship based on your self worth. Start remembering that you came to this Earth to experience contrast. Once you know what you do not want, move on!

Be grateful for the clarity you now have about what you would like in your next relationship. Let go and trust that the Universe will bring you something even more amazing. The Universe has your back and is aligning everything perfectly for you. Your only job is to recognize that you are worth it.



How to give up the “how to” in manifesting

Yes, I realize that most of my blogs begin with a “how to” title. Yet, I am here to tell you now how to drop the “how to’s” out of your life when you are trying to attain a goal or attract some magic into your life. How many of you have ever said ” I know what I want, but I have no idea how to make it happen.” Most of us right? Well instead of playing the old mental war game of driving yourself nuts figuring out how to get from point A to point B, may I suggest a different approach?

This new approach would be to acknowledge where you want to be, visualize your goal, feel what it will feel like to get there and then completely surrender the how. I know it sounds crazy and even lazy, but listen! I am not suggesting that you create a goal and then do nothing to act on it. I am suggesting that once the vision is created, step back and see what shows up to get you on your path. Trust me! Opportunities will show up in such perfect alignment that you will have no choice but to jump and take action. You see the universe is always on our side, and once we know what we want it will set up the most beautiful synchronicities  to get us going in that direction. Now instead of figuring out the “how to”, we just have to get out of our own way, be open to receive inspiration/direction/connections and all the other magical synchronicities that will show up. Trust me, they will show up.

In today’s world everything we do is so masculine, its go go go-don’t stop till you get it. I indeed can vouch and say this approach works most of the time. Yet,  the surrender approach is just more fun and expansive. Instead of putting a cap on our manifestation’s and how they can show up, we now get to say ” I want to be over here, but if there is something greater that will show up- please show me that Universe.” Of course, this surrender process takes trust in yourself and trust in the magical workings of the Universe. You may have to do some work on yourself around learning to trust the workings of the Universe, and trusting yourself as a conscious creator. Yet,  once you can get to the point of  full blown trust and surrender you will be creating from a relaxed, confident, curious, and playful state. It is from this state that true magic can happen, as we have surrendered what exactly we think that magic should look like and how it should get appear. That, my friends, is truly living and co-creating.  Go ahead, give it a whirl 😉

this article was inspired by my lovely friend Lisa Turner ( )

how to not feel insane as you manifest your reality

So you have been reading about these laws of the universe right? You know that the law of attraction says when you want something in your life you have to confirm it as if it is already here. You already have tons of money in the bank, you already are driving your new car, you already have that awesome new job and you tell yourself everyday multiple times how awesome all of these new things feel. The question is how to not feel like a crazy person as you confirm all these things in your mind that you do not actually physically have yet. From an outside source you would indeed appear to be nuts if you are confirming how good it feels to be so rich when someone were to see you have $100 dollars in your savings account. Which brings me to tell you about my rules for manifesting. (I call them rules but they are more of my own guidelines I have discovered over the years of manifesting).

Rule #1: Unless you are extremely confident in your manifesting skills (and can tell people with unwavering faith your manifestation will come true)  do not tell people about your manifesting.

Trust me, certain people will indeed kill you high with their skeptism and disbelief . The last thing you want to do is start doubting yourself.  I know this shit works, you are beginning to know this shit works so only tell people that support you and believe in this magic. You need people whom can help confirm your reality for you. I confirm crazy stuff all the time in my head.  If I need $10,000 dollars I write it down on paper ” Yay thank you for my $10,000 dollars universe- so grateful!” I confirm it all day long until it appears. I have friends whom I trust and can tell them I am manifesting $10,000 dollars and they confirm it for me as well. These friends will believe me and not be surprised when I get an unexpected check for $10,000 (true story). Yet, if I were to confirm it to say my brother who does not believe in the Universe, I would indeed feel insane. As he would have no idea what I am talking about, one hundred percent not believe it was possible to manifest $10,000 dollars out of nowhere, and basically tell me I am a new age witchy weirdo.  So yes, keep confirming your reality and your manifesting all day long until it comes (just don’t let anyone kill your magic). I know you are not crazy, I believe in you, and I support you. :)

Rule #2: Do not get angry at the universe, meet the Universe half way!

Does this mean I never get angry at the universe? Of course not. I yell at the universe all the time like a three year old. However, when my little tantrums occur it is never the Universe’s fault it is always my fault. I need to be doing more of my own work and meeting the universe half way. I can not be mad at the universe for something that is not here yet.  I know the laws and have the tools to manifest myself. I know how it works. When something is not manifesting it is MY responsibility to make it happen. Say I want a brand new job. I write it down, I see it, I visualize it, I picture it, I feel it, I own it, I want it, it is mine. Yet, where is it? Why is it not here yet! UNIVERSE WHERE IS MY JOB!!!! haha. ok. So here is when we do our part. The universe is always configuring miracles for us we just have to get ourselves to the place to receive them. I can not sit in my house all day long and wait for universe to deliver a brand new, high paying, highly awesome job right to my face. No way. I have to get out into the world, show the Universe I mean business, open myself up to meeting people, keep my eyes open for opportunities, and do everything I possibly can to create this for myself. If you do all you can possibly do and still have a melt down with the Universe, this if a different story. This kind of melt down is great because it means you are SO CLOSE to what you want.

Rule #3: Break downs are actually break throughs

So you have done everything you can possibly do to manifest what you want. There is not a single thing more you can do to put yourself out there and create your goal. So now what? You flipping lose it! You yell, scream, cry, and curse at the Universe. “What more do you want from me!!!!” We have all been here, right? This is like the dark night of the soul when it comes to manifesting. This always happens. We have one last dark and intense breakdown. Think of these breakdowns as a snake shedding its skin or an esoteric cleanse of our soul. We are dropping all of this nasty stuff inside of us we don’t need anymore so that we can be fully open and blissful to receive what we deserve. This happens to me whenever I am manifesting a major life change or something really important. I have to hit this rock bottom and helpless place to let go of all my shit. AND then my manifestations come true. It is really weird, I do not understand it, yet I have had others confirm this happens to them as well. So if you are having  breakdown, and you know you have done everything in your power to create what you want, be aware that this is just the darkness before the dawn. It is a breakthrough and you will be rewarded for all your hard work, I promise!!!

Rule #4: The Universe is always conspiring miracles for me

Keep this belief until you die. Watch how others create their lives by a belief that the Universe is out to get them.  You know better than than that! No way! Not up in here!!!! the Universe is conspiring miracles for you! Know it, believe it, create it. Become a reverse paranoid. Go ahead, you just might stumble across a life time of awesomeness!!!

There you have it. My 4 simple rules of manifesting. If you have any questions please contact me as I would love to be a part of your magic!