Do you remember the future?


-This picture really wanted to be sideways. We are seeing from new angles, is it’s message 🙂

Do you remember the future? I do. How is that possible? It is possible because ALL time is happening NOW. The past, present and future all intersect in this very moment, in this very breath.

It may not seem this way, since we are existing in what appears to be linear time. However, quantum physics will tell us differently, the indigenous people will tell us differently, shamanic plants will tell us differently, the rainbow children will tell us differently, our elders will tell us differently, and our Ancient DNA will tell us differently.

I remember the future, and it is an amazing one. One where we all healed and witnessed the world back into peace with the love in our hearts. I remember a future where everyone’s heart was healed and everyone’s deepest prayers were answered. I remember a future where water was protected, where the animals were free, where the rivers flowed with the purest waters, and where the trees grew freely and abundantly. I remember a future where everyone did their part to protect and care for our sacred Earth.

I remember a future where ALL beings were happy and free. 

I remember a future where we all came together, in the name in Love. I remember a future where we finally opened to the highest technologies that allowed us to reverse the damage we created on our planet. I remember a future where all hate was collectively alchemized into love.

What do you remember? We are shifting through infinite right now. What if we all remembered how perfect the future was, and saw it into existence? Nothing is impossible, even the word says IM-POSSIBLE 🙂

What do you remember? What did you have to forget and let go of, in order to remember? I bless you, and I invite you to remember with me. Let’s remember what already happened, and how perfect it always was.

I love you!



2 thoughts on “Do you remember the future?

  1. I have started to follow your readings and videos. Too much love in them.
    Thanks for what you do. It is pure and hopefulness.

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