6 wk- Metabolize Grief Program with Julie

What does my private 6 week Grief Coaching Program look like?

All of us experience loss at some point in our life. Whether we are grieving the loss of a loved one, the loss of a relationship, a dream, a career, a pet, or anything that was meaningful to us, we all go through grief.

How do we know if we need help with our suffering? Has your suffering, anger, betrayal, pain, and grief inhibited you from enjoying the beauty of this very moment? Do you constantly live in a state of regret, despair, depression, frustration, or anxiety? If so, you could benefit from my 6 week, metabolize your grief Program.

All though words cannot take the pain away, what can help is a remembrance of Self and Truth. Through this 6 week Program, I can help you to feel whole again. Your heart can and will heal. You will experience joy, lightness, peace, and love once again (no matter how much darkness you may be experiencing).

When we connect to Source, all things are possible. Healing is here for you and the pain you are experiencing will make you stronger and can shape your life in the most beautiful of ways (if you allow it). All it takes is a miracle, which is a shift in perception from fear to Love.

Are you ready to commit to these massive energetic changes in your life? Are you finally ready to align you mind, body and soul with your supreme destiny? Are you ready to finally face your fears and align with the greatest power in the universe to create the life you know you are worthy of living? Are you ready to metabolize your grief, pain, sorrow, suffering and limitations in order to become a magnet for all things good?

Whether you are looking to heal your heart,  attract love, let go of the past, forgive and heal from an ex, or find out your soul purpose, it all starts with a change inside your own heart. It starts with awakening to who you really are and learning to get in touch with your own soul, intuition, power, desires and destiny. 

Now is the time to learn to bridge the mind to the heart. We have been misled in many ways and I am here to lead you back to the Truth, which can only be found deep inside your own heart. In order to create a brighter future, you must make peace with your past.

Are you ready to finally call in the love and happiness that you know deep down you are worthy of? If so, I am here for you, you do not have to do this alone. Your Soul and the entire universe has your back and truly wants you to succeed 🙂

The universe takes us seriously when we commit to something. I have designed a 6 week healing/coaching program that will inspire you to commit to all the changes you have been guided to make.

Together, we will dive deep into your resistance, pain body and limiting beliefs to heal, clear and release anything that is keeping you from living a life of the highest love and abundance. You can commit to yourself and finally fall in love with all of YOU.

The entire universe is begging to serve you, love you, adore and deliver you love and happiness; You are the one keeping these blessings from yourself.

What you will get:

6 private, one hour recorded sessions with me; ((All sessions are intuitively guided by the present moment but consist of a combination of energetic healing and clearing of the chakras, channeling from your soul/spirit guides/angels/loved ones, empowerment techniques to help you redefine your beliefs about life and yourself, meditations to raise your consciousness, tools to help you feel more embodied and to live from your heart, healthy guidelines to live a more vital, blissful and abundant life, tools to help you attract the love of your life, and more!))

Access to my 44-Day Nonstop Miracles Program; ($222 value!)

Access to my 7 Day Goddess Guide meditation program; ($88 value!)

weekly email check in’s with me; (So you have support in between are calls)

Sound amazing? It is! Sign up today:

Or email me to set up a free consultation call to see if we are good fit! Unveiledmiracles@gmail.com


Payment plans are available, email me for details 🙂

You are worth it!