7-Day Goddess Activation Program

Do you want to start living like a Goddess in just 7 days?

This Goddess Activation Program was created to guide you out of the darkness of struggle and back into the lightness of love!

What does the Goddess represent?

goddess5The Goddess, Divine Feminine or Divine Mother is the matrix of creation. She is the eternal mother that births everything into existence. She is the keeper of ancient mysteries, and in her womb we live.

She represents healing, nurturing, unconditional love, compassion, expansion, motherhood, openness, rebirth, intuition, wisdom, beauty, sensuality, balance, receptivity, the unknown, and so much more.

She is only one, but she appears in infinite forms. Like a good mother, she wears many hats: healer, protector, sorceress, guardian, nurturer, counselor, and infinite provider. She is longing to know us, as much as we long to embody her.

She lives in the heart of every woman, but also in the heart of every man. She lives in every tree, animal, plant, mountain, river, ocean and flower. There is no place she is not. There is no place where she begins and we end.

In Truth we are one in the same. We exist as perfect drops in the vast and infinite ocean of her. She has always been with us, yet our minds created this illusion of separation, which we have whole-heartedly believed.

This belief has caused us struggle, suffering, fear, doubt, insecurity, and illness. These worlds are our own mis-creations, and our Divine Mother calls us back to her with the pulsations in our heart. ,

She encourages us to let go of everything we have known and to return to her so she can elevate us out of the darkness struggle and back into her realms of eternal love.

How will the Goddess Activation program work?

For seven days, each day you will receive an mp3 audio file that will contain your Daily Goddess Activation.goddess6

Each Activation will contain powerful channeled energies from each Goddess that will assist in healing and releasing any fear, doubt, negativity and insecurity that may be keeping you from knowing this Goddess that lives in your heart and achieving your full potential.

Each Goddess Activation will take you through your own personal divine transformation that will initiate you into the realms Goddesshood. When we choose the path of the Goddess, we will be infinitely supported with our divine purpose and we will exist in the realms of love, compassion, abundance and service.

Each day will connect a specific Goddess with a healing theme and chakra. We will be focusing on healing your energetic body and releasing all that you no longer need so that you can begin to embody the divine qualities of each individual Goddess. The themes are in a specific order, and it is important you do the activations in the sequence they are sent to you.

Here’s what you can expect on each day:


  • Day 1: Sacred Healing with Mother Mary. Focus: Root Chakra
  • Day 2: Divine Transformation with Goddess Kali. Focus: Sacral Chakra
  • Day 3: Invoking Your Passion with Goddess Pele. Focus: Solar Plexus Chakra
  • Day 4: Manifesting Love with Goddess Aphrodite. Focus: Heart Chakra
  • Day 5: Merging with the Queen of Compassion, Kuan Yin. Focus: Throat Chakra
  • Day 6: Calling in Abundance with Goddess Lakshmi. Focus: Third Eye Chakra
  • Day 7: Creating Divine Magic with Goddess Isis. Focus: Crown Chakra


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