Soul Readings/Egyptian Readings


Soul Readings:

My Soul Readings are for those who are ready to stop living in fear/ limitation and start living from unlimited potential of spirit.

As an intuitive, I am able to feel into your energy field and see what blocks, false beliefs and any limitations you may be holding onto that are preventing you from living a life of magic that you deserve.

Together, we will dive deep to heal, clear and release anything that is keeping you from living your dreams or attracting the love and abundance you are worthy of.

My Soul Readings are always personal, but usually include the following:

  • Empowerment techniques
  • Divine spiritual guidance
  • Channeled advice
  • Masculine and feminine balancing
  • Self-love practices
  • Angel therapy
  • Guided visualizations
  • Law of attraction coaching
  • Inner child work
  • And more!

If you are looking to create your dream job, upgrade every area in your life, discover your spiritual purpose, find your spiritual gifts, tap into unlimited abundance, unleash your creative potential, find your soul mate and learn how to manifest anything—I am your girl!

Soul Readings

Channelled Egyptian Card Readings:

As an initiate of the Egyptian mysterious, intuitive, certified theta healer, spiritual counselor, spiritual healer, and energy worker I am here to assist you with healing at the deepest level of your soul. I am here to be a sacred space holder and to unveil any blocks, limitations, doubts and fears you may be holding onto that are keeping you from experiencing the highest levels of love, abundance, health and joy.

My closest guides and allies are the Egyptian Pantheon. I have been blessed to study under Nicki Scully (, who is an expert in the Egyptian mysteries and taught me how to channel the high beings of Ancient Egypt in order to bring forth alchemical healing and transformation on a soul level.

My service to you is to be a beacon of light, a divine channel of love and sacred priestess of the light to assist you in whatever ways spirit shows us. No one ever heals another person; it is simply the healing power of God (Goddess, Spirit, the Infinite One, Divine Intelligence, etc) coming through us that results in miraculous healing.

In this case, we are utilizing the powers of Ancient Egypt (and your unique connection to that time) to call forth directional guidance and healing for your life. 

Healing is a journey and a very personal one. The healing journey allows you to truly know yourself at the deepest level of your being (and can be a very difficult and painful journey). I am here to help make it feel easier and more graceful. The only thing that really hurts are your beliefs that are not aligned with the Truth of who you are.

You do not have to do this alone; you have so much help and support. I can show you how to open your heart and live in the New Earth we are creating together.  

No more holding back, the Egyptian Readings are powerful and very transformative. Email or call 720-951-0370 to schedule a session.

Egyptian Readings