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Cosmic Word Game


Life is a cosmic word game. Are you going to play or get played? If we really are creating and attracting everything into our own holographic personal universes then why not start consciously participating?

You are actually already a master creator. You know all those things you think about that you don’t want; they have manifested in your life because you put energy into thinking about them. Start to focus your mind, thoughts and feelings on what serves you and your happiness. What thoughts make you feel good when you think them? Then from that place start focusing on what you do desire to create. Oh, and be grateful for all you do have in the meantime because you are really blessed! I mean it is so simple it is scary.

Start to open your mind and align your own heart to the heartbeat of the Universe. Then everything will start to flow with grace and ease as it is supposed to. I am not saying life will be perfect, but you will start to see the perfection in every situation. Once you stop going against the flow of the Universe then abundance, success, love, happiness, and joy are easy to attain. They are easy to attain because that is our natural state of existence.  We are just too busy focusing on what we do not want to notice what is actually already here. If you can attain these states in your mind and radiate them in your entire being, eventually it will become your reality.

Worry and fear only attract more worry and fear. Focus on feeling secure and abundant and you will attract more of that. Also, do not forget to play! Remember how powerful you really are and use your words, thoughts and feelings wisley. The universe is begging for us to play with it but we are too distracted by things that we don’t want to relax and start playing back! The more we play, the faster things happen for us. The more we relax and give thanks, the more doors open up for us to walk through. So go ahead and give it a whirl? What do you have to lose besides everything that you don’t want? Have fun 😉

The Tao of Courage

In Osho’s book “Courage: The Joy of Living Dangerously” he discusses how embracing the unknown is the only way one can live courageously.

jump off cliff

To accept the challenge of the unknown, in spite of all fears, is courage. The fears are there, but if you go on accepting the challenge again and again, slowly slowly those fears disappear.


There is a tremendous amount of joy in the unknown. The unknown brings back the thrill in life, the adventurous part of the spirit is fed. If you are not happy with your life but are too afraid to make any significant changes, then you are not actually even living. You have given your power to the fear of the unknown instead of collecting your power from the joy of living in the mystery.

I believe that when we make courageous decisions geared in the direction of our own happiness and success, then we will be rewarded by life. Sure, quitting your job, moving across the country, and breaking off your secure relationship is scary as f***. Yet, staying in a situation for false security at the compromise of your soul is just plain dumb. Your soul actually wants to soar. Let it. Jump. Be courageous and take the risk. Each time you do, you develop more trust in yourself, life and the Universe.

Courage does not mean fearlessness. Fearlessness  will come naturally as you continue to make courageous decisions. Life will meet you, bless you and surprise you with miracles each time. You will develop trust and you will learn to accept that the unknown will take care of you.

The unknown is way less scary than the boring known you have been pretending to enjoy. Sure, challenges will arise. Personal problems will have to be looked at and cleared. People may call you irresponsible and crazy because you are triggering their own personal fears of the unknown. Yet, guess what? You will be stronger, deeper, and wiser than if you stayed.  Let go of what no longer makes your heart pump with passion. Security is just your mind trying to trap you. The real security in life is trusting in yourself. Trusting that you will be guided and directed to something even better than before. Oh, and only upgrades allowed!