Turning limitation into freedom…

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If all spiritual teachings remind us we are are infinite and unlimited then how do we tap into that Truth? It seems that most of us here on Earth feel limited in more ways than one.

Some of the major limitations we experience are in regards to finances, time, relationships and living situations. If we are infinite and unlimited then why does most of the world feel stuck or trapped in certain areas of their lives? Why do some of us never have enough time, love, money or freedom?

According to Bashar (and many others), we came to Earth so that we could experience limitation. As souls, we wanted to experience the journey from limitation to complete freedom. Why? Because it is one of the ways in which infinite gets to experiences itself! Crazy? Yes! Yet, how exhilarating?

How do we begin this journey from moving out of limitation and into the realms of infinite freedom? Simple. Follow your bliss. In each moment, follow what you feel excited to do. Your excitement will always lead you to your destiny of true freedom.

When you follow your excitement, you are following the guidance set up to you by your higher mind. Your lower mind may not understand and experience a lot of fear, let those fears go. Trust that your higher mind has your back. Your soul has a plan. You have a divine destiny. Stop letting fear and plans get in the way. Need a little help? Try some private coaching with me!



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