I want to seduce you into succulent living…

“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.” Michelangelo

Unveiled Miracles is my way of carving you out of the marble of fear and unveiling to you your own inner mastery. Just beyond the illusion of fear lives the perfection of your divine Self…

Unveiled Miracles from Julie on Vimeo.

Michelangelo knew that the angels already existed inside of the marble—his only job was to get rid of the excess.

 When you learn to metabolize your grief, pain, and suffering, you are unveiling yourself to the miracles that exist for you in this present moment. Suffering is part of life, no one is above suffering. However, suffering can be used to create lasting happiness in our life. Suffering is the mud, and the lotus flower is what emerges from the mud when insight, concentration and mindfulness are applied in our life. 

The Truth is that you are an eternal spirit living in a human body. The real you cannot be harmed, destroyed or wounded in any way. The real you is pure, unconditional and eternal love.

However, we are born here on Earth into this world of separation. Our minds have been born into a world where the thought system is dominated by fear. This fear can keep us trapped in our own inner worlds of limitation, doubt, illness, negativity and lack.

My mission is to help you with your own personal remembrance of sacredness. To help you remember that your suffering is your portal to lasting happiness and a meaningful life.

When we start to awaken to our eternal nature, new doors start to open in our minds. We start to choose love over fear, forgiveness over blame, light over darkness, and oneness over separation.

The beauty of the universe is that it is self-organizing and self-correcting. This means that you were programmed for greatness. The same way an embryo is programmed to become a baby and an acorn becomes an oak tree—you are programmed to become the greatest version of yourself.

The only difference between an embryo and us is that we can say “no.” Our free will gives us the choice to deny our greatness and continue to exist in the world of suffering.

However, as we start to say “Yes!” to our greatness, our lives start to become one non-stop miracle.

I am here to seduce you back into a love of life and Self.

I am here to remind you of your eternal greatness, potential and infinite nature.

Are you ready to trade ordinary living for extraordinary living? Take a look around Unveiled Miracles and find out for yourself…