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Hi! I’m Julie, and I’m here to share with you all my secrets for a successful, vital, joyous, abundant and love-filled life. I am here to help you metabolize your grief and help you use it as fuel to create miracles and blessings in your personal reality. 
 My passion lies in unveiling the unseen to anyone who desires to know more about who they truly are. Suffering is necessary in the path to happiness. Without suffering, happiness could not exist. They are like two sides of a coin. Our suffering is the mud in which a lotus flower blossoms from. 
I have been practicing yoga and studying metaphysics since 2005. I am a Certified Theta Healer, a massage therapist, and a student of The Course in Miracles. I also adore the sensual side of life and became a Certified Sommelier and a Certified Natural Chef in 2012. I love anything and everything that takes us back to the vibration of love and gives us a glimpse of our infinite nature.  
In March 2015, I lost my older brother to a drug overdose. He was on life support for 21 days before he transitioned. It was so intensely painful that I was forced to apply all the teachings I knew intellectually but had never fully applied to my life. I was able to not only see the blessing and teachings of this trauma but I was able to establish an amazing connection with my brother on the other side.
In November 2017, I lost my second brother to an overdose. I was four months pregnant at the time and have been forced to dive deep into the spiritual mysteries of the universe  to cope with the intensity of my pain. 
Despite experiencing two tragic losses, my life continues to evolve and grow with beauty, love, light, and joy. This is only so because I have allowed myself to fully grieve and to continue to water the seeds of joy, truth, love, justice, and harmony in my heart.
You see, we never really die because our spirit can never truly be destroyed. Sometimes we only know this on a mental level, but because of my brothers I was able to experience a relationship with the spiritual world firsthand, and this alone has changed my life forever.I now am able to shine my gifts brightly into the world. I am able to metabolize the pain of my childhood around my brothers and to utilize it to fuel my mission here on Earth. Albert Einstein once said: “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

I am here to help you live a life where EVERYTHING is a miracle. 🙂

Your grief is your portal to all the goodness that awaits you…I would love to help you open that portal and experience what is on the other side of your pain. 


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