Not feeling the love?

Are you just not feeling the love lately? Maybe you are feeling energies of loneliness, abandonment or isolation. Perhaps, you are wondering why everyone around you seems to be in love. What is their secret and what are they doing differently than you?

I can tell you that when we feel lonely and heartbroken, we are choosing to believe in the illusion of separation. Yes, it hurts when people leave our life but what hurts the most is the deep rooted belief that we are separate from our creator and his/her creations.

Cosmic Truth states that we are all one and can never not be connected. Once we realize this deep inside our heart, we are liberated into a new level of consciousness. This new consciousness will always attract new people and love into our life. This is because our energy is magnetic when we vibrate in love and wholeness.

We draw what we are into our lives so we can see ourselves in a deeper way. The universe is always reflecting what we are feeling and thinking about ourselves. The only one who is punishing you is you! The universe loves you and would never want to punish you, it simply reflects you back to you.ย 

Your loneliness is your emotional guidance system. It is showing you where you still truly believe you could ever be alone. When you sit with this emotion and allow it to take you to the places in your heart that need your love and attention, then soon the loneliness shall dissipate and you will be filled with an energy of wholeness.

You are whole and complete right now. You donโ€™t need a lover to feel this way. As soon as you recognize that you are swimming in love in every moment, you will find the love your heart deeply craves.

If you want something, you automatically validate the absence of it in your life. Therefore, when we are in the energy of wanting we manifest a reality of not having. When we simply become love and exude it out into the world, it comes into our life effortlessly. This is because we become a perfect match for love to find us.

If you want help creating more love in your life, or healing a heartbreak I am here for you. I offer one on one coaching programs to help you shift your old limiting belief systems into new ones that serves and reflect the new and empowered you. Email me for more details at ๐Ÿ™‚



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