Walking under the wings of the Goddess


Whether you have a deep relationship with the Goddess or not, I am here to remind you that your primordial mother holds you close under her wings. You are never separate from the one who created you. You have never left the womb, even though you have been birthed into a third-dimensional universe.

Do not let your physical senses mislead you darling. Instead, spend more time with your eyes closed. Spend more time exploring and being curious about what is going on inside of you.

You do not have to obsessively think positive thoughts in order to create a positive life. The positivity, light, love, and Divine spark is already inside of you. Can you be more diligent about becoming a gardener of your own consciousness. 

Care enough about your Self to weed negative thoughts and beliefs out of your Garden. It is YOUR garden so why let unworthiness, lack, scarcity, fear, pain, abandonment and darkness grow. You have the power to nullify any thought, belief or idea you may carry that no longer serves you. 

Nullifying thoughts is not done with hate, it must be done with love. One of my teachers Matt Kahn always says: “Whatever arises, love that”.

Does this mean we love the darkest thoughts and feelings we have? Yes, it does. Clearly shoving them away and cursing them doesn’t actually work. Why? Because every single part of us wants to be loved and accepted. Especially the parts of you that you think shouldn’t be there and don’t belong inside of you. We are connected to everything in this universe. That means we are responsible for it all (if we are conscious enough to realize our galactic guardianship on the Earth).

A technique that helps me dispel darkness with out being sucked into the underworld is Ho’oponopono. This is an ancient Hawaiian healing technique that was used by Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len to heal an entire ward of criminally insane patients without ever meeting them. If you find that hard to believe you simply just haven’t had enough experience with miracles. 

Miracles are naturally occurring and the Course in Miracles says when they don’t occur, something has gone wrong. The realm of miracles is our natural state of being and Ho’oponopono allows us to return and connect to that realm with these four simples statements. 

I am sorry

Please forgive me

Thank you

I love you

That is all you do. Simply say those four statements to the Divine over and over again. Whatever darkness, scenario, or problem you may be praying about, Ho’oponopono shall address it. This is because no miracle can occur without the help of the Divine. Everything is held under the wings of the Goddess.

For me, this technique brings me back to the womb of Kali. Your darkest fears are not separate from Her. You are safe, always. Jesus was more peaceful being nailed to a cross than most of us are walking down the road. This is because he never left the womb of his creator. 

When we open our hearts, surrender and pray, miracles truly occur. The miracle that first occurs is our change in consciousness. The miracle may not result in your external circumstances changing right away.  However, you will know it has occurred as your state of mind will reflect a higher consciousness. 

Joe Vitale has a great article about his first hand experience with Dr. Len. “Dr. Len explained that total responsibility for your life means that everything in your life – simply because it is in your life – is your responsibility. In a literal sense the entire world is your creation.“  –Click here to learn about the magic of Ho’oponopono

Your state of being is being reflected in the outside world. If you do not like what you see please give Ho’oponopono a try. You may be amazed at how fast things can shift, inside and out. 

We can live anywhere we choose on the infinite spectrum of consciousness. Where are you choosing to live and why? You have the power to shift to anywhere that resonates with you. Give yourself the gift of choosing what feels best to you.

You were born free, perfect and worthy. Your journey of returning to what you already are is yours. Honor it. Take it seriously. Allow yourself to feel all that you came here to feel. Do not run away from yourself. Become your greatest lover, friend, fan, and cheerleader. You came to Earth for you. To learn all about YOU and your infinite nature. 

I see you and I am humbled by your greatness <3



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