Stop creating story out of synchronicities…


Does it seem like all of the sudden your entire life is a series of synchronicites? Great, that means you are waking up, you are in alignment with the universe, and you are exactly where you need to be.

Synchronicities are great reminders for us to stay present, feel gratitude for life, and let go of anything that isn’t serving us in the present moment.

What has helped me along my journey is to stop prescribing story, meaning, and purpose to the magical totems that show up in my life. It is a silly thing to do because we have limited minds and the signs we see are coming from an infinite-unlimited universe.

I used to think when things  were magically synchronistic  it meant something was going to happen in the way in which I visualized it to be. I thought this because I put story behind the series of events that were unfolding.

It is a very powerful lesson to let go of what you think things mean and allow life to unfold as it will. This keeps you humble, grateful, present and trusting to what is trying to manifest. Of course you can hold an energy of positive expectation and vision, just make sure to leave enough space for life to do its thing without you feeling disappointed if it comes differently than you imagined.

When we create story and overanalyze the universe we just end up blocking the powerful manifestations that are trying to come to us. So let a 4:44 be a 4:44 -and let everything else be a kiss from the cosmos. Everything is manifesting perfectly, don’t get in way 😉

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